After the deep shock that the Tunisian community has lived upon hearing about the Political Assassination that targeted the political leftist leader Chokri Belaid, the OVC conducted a study seminar about the reasons of political violence in the Post-Revolution Tunisia . This project was administred by Ms Sonia Farhat.
Guest speakers :
1- Om Zied : Violence in the Pre and Post-Revolution
Within an open discussion with the audience, Ms Om Zied has discussed the importance of civil peace within society. She also talked about her being disturbed during Ben Ali ex-regime, but after the revolution, she said that Tunisia is witnessing two different areas and that violence went from secrecy to being public. She also said that violence sources are variant, accusing “The Revolution Protection Leagues” for endorsing this sort of behavior, and considering it as the Ennahdha party’s weapon.The discussion was brainstormed; hence, Ms Om Zied has tried to answer a lot of questions.

2-Mr Bechir Elmeddib : A historical glimpse of democracy and human rights concept

The Professor has provided a historical lecture in which he presented time evolution of democracy and human rights progress, and stressing human interaction within this growth.

3-Imen Jridi : The role of civil society in rejecting violence
The researcher has presented a number of suggestions and solutions that will contribute to the rejection of violence phenomena. She also highlighted the importance of citizenship real values that could help in avoiding violence. In addition, she discussed the important role that civil society plays like awarenes, control and pressure.

4-Neji Jalloul: From political violence to political crime

The professor has presented a profound historical analysis in the subject of the association between violence phenomena and Islamic streams. He also stressed that the political mixture between religion and politics could help tolerate violence made by extremist groups. Within an academic historical analysis the Professor Neji Jalloul has given the reasons of the evolution from verbal violence to physical violence up to assassination.

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