Chapter VII, Article 136 of the Tunisian Constitution:

“The central authority shall work towards achieving a balance between local
resources and burdens. A proportion of the revenues derived from the exploitation of natural resources can be allocated to promote regional development at the national level. ”
Ishrak is a project aimed at supporting the active participation of the citizens of Gabès in local development as part of preparations for the success of the 2018 municipal elections.

This project seeks to consolidate the principles of local governance and enhance its usefulness and effectiveness in the advancement of the region, through the active participation of citizens in the planning and implementation of development in the rural and urban areas of the Wilaya and aware of the high value of municipal elections in determining the development path in the region of Gabes, as our country will witness in the period The coming phase is a crucial transition in the democratic process that will define the political system that will delegate more power to local communities through municipal elections.

As one of the foundations of democratic processes guaranteeing the right of peoples to self-determination, expressing their views and participating in decisions that concern their local affairs, we must make efforts from our position as a civil society and an effective organization to make citizens aware of the importance of engaging in a participatory democracy. Hence, civil society in general and the ?Engage? project in particular play a key role in creating a common ground among the various components of the local scene aimed at promoting a society aspiring to democracy in all its dimensions.

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