Training course on the importance of the role of the civil activist in the activation of the human rights system.

The Deferred Dreams Essay Contest

Aimed at promoting a civil rights culture in the Middle East


“Violence and democracy, is Tunisia in danger ?”

Intellectual Symposium entitled “Violence and democracy, is Tunisia in danger ?”

“Be the Eye 1”

Project, formation of a group of civil society activists for election observation.


“My Story with My Photography”

The project “My Story with My Photography” aims to bring together talented photographers in a national network to train them to use their talents to solve social problems and express the suffering of minorities in Gabes.

“My Destiny in my Hand”

One-year project entitled “My Destiny in my Hand”, which aims to improve women’s skills and skills, to help them improve and renew their professional skills through training courses and training. Workshops.


“Be the Eye 2”

Extension of the training and effective participation in the observation of the 2014 elections.

“Citizenship Academy: Coalition for Tunisia”

Project, in which 200 young women and men were trained in five southern states of Tunisia to conduct intensive awareness campaigns to encourage citizens to exercise their right to vote.


Project “Echrak”

The project began with a regional seminar on the theme of local governance followed by a course entitled “Ambassadors of Democracy”.

The “Citizens” project

Its main objective is to reinforce the role of women in civil and political society through a series of training courses, a regional seminar and a field work aimed at publishing a scientific reference criticizing the situation of women in the south-east.

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